Lgbt Kpop Analysis

Lgbt Kpop Analysis. There is no doubt that there are many more straight people in the industry than queer. Currently looking for more admins!

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A lovely place where you can share your love for kpop with people from all over the world! Shortly after debuting, maman came out as gay in an interview. (we should also not try to analyze idol’s sexuality’s and out them, that.

There Is No Doubt That There Are Many More Straight People In The Industry Than Queer.

In an interview, jo kwon revealed that he adopted a genderless way of expressing himself, stating: Currently, our two admins are working together to analyze: One will get criticized for accepting or coming out as a member of the lgbt community and especially if you are a celebrity or big personality.

Here Are Some That I Believe Could Possibly Be Lgbt.

Yuri (snsd) many people have suspected that she belongs to lgbt community when yuri had dating rumors with the popular actress son ye jin. Son ye jin and yuri‘s relationship began to appear on sns in 2013, but at that time, the names of the two were mentioned in letters like a and b.even when the rumor has settled down, recently, netizens. That stuff is rampant with the lgbtq+ kpop community on twitter.

Bts, Exid, Red Velvet, And Sunmi.

I hope that all makes sense lol. Several people were inquiring ‘is bts gay‘ on twitter, and it led to the tag trending on twitter. Moonbyul’s song “shutdown” ft seori has inclusive lyrics and moonbyul.

But If We’re Being Realistic There Are Lgbt Idols Other Than Holland.

I don’t think everyone in every kpop group is gay/ bi/ lesbian. All of which are current ult groups for both admins. The vids show idols playing kissing games, being generally affectionate.

Please Don’t Take This Seriou.

Honestly i see more gay people theorizing about which idols are gay than straight people but ymmv depending on which kpop communities you frequent. The majority of kpop idols become idols because they genuinely like singing, dancing, or rapping. Of course, that doesn’t take awag from the straight people fetishizing gay people as well.

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