Chain Link Vs Wood Fence

Chain Link Vs Wood Fence. Much like a wood deck, a wood fence needs to be washed and stained every couple of years to keep it looking nice. The biggest drawback to a wood fence is the maintenance.

CHAIN LINK FENCE 3T Fencing from

A wood fence can fall victim to rot due to water exposure, or it could be consumed by insects if a stain isn’t properly used. Chain link depend on the type of fence, the height and length required and the number of opening/gates. Wooden fencing looks much more traditional and polished, where chain link fencing holds a more modern, harsh look.

Vinyl Covered Chain Link Fence Installation.

Chain link fencing is an inexpensive fencing option as compared to wood. Durability most chain link fencing is galvanized to offer longer wear against the elements. Wood also can be painted, or stained to meet any desired color scheme.

Wood Vs Vinyl, Metal, Chain Link, And Composite Fences Wood Is A Popular Material For Fences, Both Because Of Its Attractive Appearance And Durability.

If you still are still on the fence on which fencing material you should use, take a look at the cost comparison. Although both types of fences can be installed ‘diy’, it is highly recommended that you use a licensed fence contractor. Wood fence durability is affected by the type of wood used.

Labor Costs, If Charged Hourly, Are Between $25 And $50 Per Laborer.the Total Cost For This Project.

However, you may get more durability from modern engineered wood fences. Chain link fences are popular because they are fairly inexpensive and can cover large areas needed for security. Chain link tends to be cheaper than other materials because metal comes at a lower cost than natural mediums, such as wood.

Labor Costs Range Between $8 And $15 Per Linear Foot, Making The Total Cost For This Project Between $3,000.

Wooden fencing looks much more traditional and polished, where chain link fencing holds a more modern, harsh look. When choosing wood, expect a possible slight increase in homeowner’s. So if you want to simply keep your costs down.

When Pricing Is The Main Concern, A Chain Link Fence Costs A Lot Less Than A Wood Fence.

Proper fence maintenance and prompt repairs can extend the life of your wooden or chain link fence. Chain link fences are easier to install, however, keep in mind there will be separate costs for metal stakes, brackets, corner adapters, galvanized posts, and gates. The number of potential problems a fence could have can also help sway a decision.

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